Tell Me A Story|May 2014

Time for some newness.

Not sure how it feels for others, but I never feel like I have my feet firmly planted.  I’m sure its been said a million times over before, but the military life is like no other.  Sure, when we move, we do the basics to help make it feel like we’ve moved in and its “permanent”…we put up curtains, might even paint some walls. After that it gets into “how long are we here for”, which translates into how much effort do I want to put into making “this” place feel like home…when its probably about the 3rd place you’ve lived in in the last 3 years. Shifting furniture, deciding what stays and what goes depending on what you can make-fit in the new place…its daunting sometimes.  We’re here til Oct. I love gardening.  We’ve yet to have a place where I can take my liking to a large-scale level…but I like to grow things.  I like to grow edible things…even if its in a small space.  Now here in WY, we are SPOILED with lots of land that goes along with the house we are renting.  Time is not on my side though. Boo for that.  After many weeks of going back and forth whether or not we would put any effort into having one…I decided that we needed one.  We needed a garden.  For my own want, as well as the enjoyment of my kiddos.  They love it as well.  There is nothing like picking the fruits of your own labor. We hacked away at the tough-dry-rocky-ground, Prince Charming put up my fencing, the biggest Princess and I moved along and got that garden bed started.  And I feel better.  It helps make our house/land a home.  Makes me feel like its ours….even if its only for a short growing season, destined to be dug up before we leave.  Home is what you make of it, home is where your heart is.  This, after so many moves, I know to be truth.

Whatcha doin’?


No, really, whatcha doin’…


Mad-dash weather change 5 mins after starting…this is not unusual for WY weather.  How we’re still surprised by the weather at this point…And yes, Princess is wearing gloves to keep the mud off of her hands. Ahahaha. I’m ok with it. 🙂



Asking “why do we need this stuff again?…” its our grow magic! 🙂 



Being ok with my answer, hahaha. We’ll share our secret…nothing makes things grow incredibly like eggshells and espresso mixed in with the soil! At least for us it creates GIANT plants! 🙂



Diggin’ in! Raincoat is back on.  Geeze…



Gah, she’s so cute. Love her. Do you know of a more perfectly pinkalicious gardener? 🙂



We love FREE gardening supplies….we’re surrounded by them! Rocks for stepping stones! Aka somewhere to step other than ON the plants 🙂



Seeds…so incredibly teeny…and so fun to watch grow into something so amazing.





Sad that we’re allowed to dig in the backyard, she gets in trouble for it. Poor pup. 😉



We’re looking forward to showing off what happens in our garden! We have our seedlings, they’re growing tall and strong.  Hoping we’ve reinforced our fencing enough to keep the buggery rabbits out….to be continued…… 🙂

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