printing your memories

I take photos.  I edit photos.  I save TONS of photos….  I…..don’t print photos.

Insert super sad face here. :/

I just recently discovered a fix, though.  Chatbooks!




I saw an ad on the almighty Facebook….was super excited reading about it, was ready to gogoGO on getting some for myself….then I was bummed because it was only available (at that moment) for iPhone users. Booooo.  Reading more, I found out that they were developing so that android users could utilize this product as well.

I saw the use date, and I put it on my calendar! Ha!




Chatbooks was a SUPER easy fix for me to get printing! It takes from your Instagram album and prints books for you on a subscription basis.  Anything that makes printing super easy for me, I’m 100000% game.

Here’s the dealio:

60 page books, you decide the series title.  They date the books, the put your captions in the books, they print the books and send them to you….and each book is only $6! PLUS free shipping! First book was free using a code that I googled (there are tons of codes out there, trust me on that!).  So now, every time I get up to 60 photos, a book is printed and its shipped off to me. Voila!  In the app you can “exclude” which photos you’d like to not include, btw. Yes, I don’t have 100% awesome photos I want printed on my Instagram feed. 😉  The books are 6×6…not too big, not too small.  Juuuust perfect. 🙂

Best part of these books, besides the ridiculous ease of the construction of them…my kids love them.  My little reader loves reading the captions under the photos and reminiscing about the photos.

Thank you Chatbooks!


A mom who is terrible at printing out family memories, but now HAS printed out family memories. ❤


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