I don’t know why, but I love details.  Whether it be in photography, cooking, crafting….I am a glutton for punishment.  The more detailed something is, the more I want to attempt it.  I’ve been following a page that is just so.darn.pretty.  I love the layout, I love the ideas, I love the projects, I love her house! Its my “ahhhhhh” time, scrolling through what is written and pictured.  I found out that there was an ETSY shop that accompanied the blog,  an ETSY shop! Patterns for me to buy to MAKE the pretty things I was viewing! This weekend, after much mulling around, collecting/buying supplies, sorting through my fabric stash, I gave it a go.…..

It started with this:


…progressed to LOTS of deciding (fabric choices, I have a problem with this, ALWAYS) and cutting/prepping…

image-2 image-4

…then the sewing commences.  Geeze-louise, yes, my sewing desk is a mess.  I work best messy…with an ever present cup of coffee.  haha! 😀

image-7 image-6 image-5 image-3

…then came the even smaller details….



…and Voila! Done! Sweetness abounds!


image-12I bumped out 2 of these this weekend, not-to-big of a project, not-too-small.  Just right. 🙂  Now to box them up and send them off to a friend who sent me some of the beautiful fabric I used!

If you’d like to take a look-see at the preeeeeeeeetty page of Charla Anne, click here.  To see her ETSY shop, click here.  🙂

Next up is to make 2 of these cute wee houses for my girls.  I think these are perfect for traveling, and we have a trip coming up! 🙂



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