Catching those moments.

I’m not the most tech savvy person you’ll ever meet.  Part of it is missing the initial integration of it being an integral part of every day life (aging myself? haha)…part of it is just not being in love with it.  I love writing letters vs sending off an email.  I love talking on the phone vs “chatting” online…One thing I am technologically-in-love with is being able to take photos, with my phone.  I think that it is one of THE best “inventions”. Ever.  Tack onto that the fantastic photo editing apps that are available? Best thing ever-ever. I have a big fancy manual camera, I know how to take a great photo, I can tote it around all day long with me if I choose…but I don’t.  I instead choose to  keep that for more creative or special moments, choosing to tote around my phone all day.  I’m pretty attached to it, I will totally admit that.  Not everyone appreciates a “camera phone” pic. Some may think its “not as good” as a from-your-actual-camera photo can be….but I disagree.  Technically it might not be “good”…but boy, catching “that moment”, to me, is priceless.  People used to think the same thing about digital vs film (I started out in film). Using my phone allows me to catch more moments…especially quiet and intimate ones between my children that last for 1.3 seconds. Not that I don’t catch these moments with my regular camera, but there are many times I wouldn’t, because its not always right beside me.   I don’t use as much time thinking of getting the “perfect” photo, exact/best settings to take a “great” photo, or trying to grab my camera QUICK to try and catch a moment I don’t want to forget (and often times miss)…instead I let myself click quick with that awesome camera phone and just enjoy that moment that I’m privy too.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVELOVELOVE taking photos with my “fancy” camera…but I also have just as great a love taking photos with my teeny ol’ camera phone.  Moving this summer enabled me to fall in love with my camera phone photos.  Moving back stateside from Italy, having no computer available readily…I bought a new phone and made sure it had a camera in it.  I have taken some photos of my girls that I will cherish forever with this darn camera phone…and I love how imperfect and nostalgic they are.  I have them printed, and hanging, all over the house. My goal, as an artist, and as a mother….is to catch the beauty and wonderful moments that my eyes see.  Use whatever tool you can…to catch those moments.

I used to say “pffftttt”….to all this increasing technology.  Now? I make a little bit of room in my life for some of it. 🙂

Follow me on instagram (@jgharrold)…its like viewing polaroids of our life. 🙂

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