Tell Me A Story| February 2014

February has been a short month….but yet its felt sooooo long.  Being cooped up inside because of the unpredictable winter snow storms doesn’t help.  While we love winter…but we’re ready for spring.  Being 2, being stuck inside…this little Sweet Pea tends to whizz from one activity to another.  Very quickly.  Our house gets boring pretty rapidly during the winter months I guess, haha.   For this month’s installment,  I figured I’d follow Sweet Pea around……

Watching Elmo in Grouchland, its a very interactive movie.  At least in her mind…. 🙂

Soon after, we’ve changed and are exploring with textures and pouring/filling glasses…..


Then Mama has a great idea to pull some paint out….


Seriously, painting hands is one of the most-fun-things-ever.  I love watching her face while the paint goes on, its a fantastic mix of enjoyment and confusion. 🙂image-31

Second-most-fun-thing: painting feet. Facial expressions exhibited are enjoyed just as much by Mama. 🙂image-32

Oh but wait, then its a wardrobe change due to washing off paint…which resulted in a soaking wet shirt. Then we’re off playing clip-clop castle….image-33

Which of course doesn’t last long, haha…and we’re on to another short “show” to enjoy…while completely relaxing. 🙂image-34

And…..5 minutes later, chalk is way more exciting…..image-35

….until she realizes that the patio door is open.  Watching the beautiful mountains through the falling snow, most excitement of the morning. 🙂

And….this was our morning.  We haven’t even hit lunchtime yet. Hahaha!  Sometimes the days feel like eternity, sometimes they fly by way to darn fast.  I enjoy every moment of her progressing and growing and learning how to do things, its exciting having her grow up.  I will always and forever have those moments of wanting to keep her still, and small…wanting her to remain my wee Sweet Pea for eternity.   In reality, I will just have to cherish all these little moments and make room to stash them away the best I can in my Mama-mind…and continue to look forward to having a front row seat watching her learn and explore and grow.

Totally going to keep snuggling her for as long as I can though. 🙂

Make sure to follow the circle for more peeks into someone’s world! Check out Sharleen’s monthly installment next 🙂  


3 thoughts on “Tell Me A Story| February 2014

  1. Wow you have a pretty hectic day. I love the variety in your photos. I do think my favorite is of her lying on the floor watching tv. You must be exhausted by the end of the day. Thanks for sharing.

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