Scissor fun

While I’ve been on the hunt for material to help teach reading to S…I found some other goodies.  One of them was this book called Snip it! (Mean Writing Fundamentals).  All in one fun book! There are 2 different types of  cutting activities in it.

1. Pictures that you take off sticker fronts (no glue needed, that’s nice sometimes) and paper that your child cuts to put on sticky spots…and its on nice paper that is fun to color.  At the top of every page is a rebus of what to do….so S can look at the pictures and “read” what steps she is to take to complete the picture.

2. Cut-out-follow-the-directions/example-to-make-something.  This is also neat.  Kinda like tan-grams.

Pretty neat.

Anything art get this kids attention…and this was a fun new find.  We don’t find much that is all that interesting to do (at a reasonable price) in a ready-made form at the PX here….but this one was a rare gem.  I enjoy making activities for S from scratch (so to speak) but here and there its nice to have a ready made 🙂

Simple activity….those are often the favs 🙂 S has since proudly put it up for display 🙂

I’m just about all organized and ready to go with our first weeks rotating learning activities! Just a wee bit more prep tomorrow and we’re ready to roll 🙂


Stay tuned! 🙂


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