Ahh….sweet, much needed rest.  I’ve been getting it. I’ve been basking in it….I’ve been enjoying it! I have finally figured out a sleep schedule for my baby.  Sweetpea E now takes a pretty long nap in the morning AND the afternoon.  The afternoon nap is IN the same room with her sister too! Go me! I feel more normalized now, I can think of other things.  Like photography.  Oh, I’ve missed you creativity.  I’ve missed you camera.  I’ve missed taking beautiful photos of my beautiful children.  Totally have a big head about my own kids 🙂


I was kicking back and relaxing today.  I had nothing on the agenda.  Had a nice warm cup of Italian coffee in hand, Movie on the Netflix (Hope Floats, awesome movie!)….and through the curtains I see the light change.  Storm clouds were rolling in and creating the most wonderful light.  So of course I scrap my relaxing moment, rush upstairs and wake up my babies early from their nap to bask them in said wonderful light 🙂  Relaxing time for frazzled mom or waking up babies early from nap for photos? Duh moment for me…totally waking up the kids to take photos hahaha.


They’re getting so big…..


Still researching/finding my activities for Sept to start this screen free time…..hoping to have a post up about that soon!





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