Time Management…and getting back into life.


So…..haha.  I’ve been absent.  Not for a lack of wanting to post.  Or a lacking a kabillion photos…..I just haven’t had the time. I just haven’t MADE the time.  Jumping back in now 🙂

I’m still trying to figure out how to “manage” things during this deployment.  2 kids, 2 dogs, moms club, FRG “stuff”….my own “stuff”….Still trying to stick to the idea of baby steps.  I feel like we’re getting there.  It doesn’t help that its summer time and “S” is out of school and we need to figure out things to occupy her.  I’m also trying to get “E” on some kind of consistent sleep schedule.  While thinking about all of this the other night, I realize that in order to do this, I am going to HAVE to slow down.  I’m going to HAVE to take on less “things” to do.  And that’s ok.


Yesterday I started planning out/looking up activities for “S”.  I read awhile back some post on Facebook about “screen free time”.  Its summer, its blazing hot here in Italy, we’re big lazy bums and have been having A LOT of screen time.  Too much.  I am very aware of this.  And I want to change this.  Until I figure out all of my activities (because that’s how I work, I need my calendar all laid out and the projects/ideas prepped haha) I will start off slooooooooooooow.  I was browsing online (okay, pinterest of course haha) and was just swimming in ideas.  One popped out to me especially because I had ALL the supplies on hand already! Yay for ease!  So, while S&E were napping, I prepped it quickly.  SUPER easy, SUPER simple, VERY adaptable…and its a math activity! My husband and I are contemplating keeping S in the Asilo (Italian preschool) for our entire tour here in Italy and skipping traditional kindergarten.  Trying to figure out if I can “homeschool” so to speak and feel comfortable enough with it.  We’re going to be rotating math/science/reading/art throughout the week.  I’m excited about this.  Yesterdays activity gave us 1.5 hrs of “screen free” time…and by the time it was done, S had interest in going through the toy cabinet instead of asking to watch a “show” (a dvd, we have no regular tv).

So, without further ado…..! Counting pond! That’s what I’m calling it 🙂 S still has troubles with 14,15 and this is helping immensely!  This game is easily adaptable for  adding in higher numbers, counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s etc, etc.  All you need is a piece of felt, foam shapes, permanent marker and scissors! 🙂  See, easy peasy.  One of the best parts is it fits nice and neat in a small ziploc type bag 🙂


Idea was found on Pinterest and led me to Prekinders for directions/more about the activity.





So, I am going to spend the next few remaining days of this month planning and organizing myself and activities.  Let the screen free time commence! 🙂


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