Smartie Score :)

Typically, when I shop….I like to just shop, and buy what I’ve been looking for.  No hunting, no over-searching, no crazy bargaining…and I usually do not like rummaging through garage sale boxes or bins in a thrift store.  That is too much work for me, haha.  Where I am living, however…there is an online “yardsale” page.  I go on it once in awhile, usually only getting to see past deals already picked up (people swoop in so fast on items!)….and typically the etiquette on the page isn’t quite to my taste (are bad manners bred from frantic wheeling and dealing???). Anyways, I am getting off topic.  I just so happened to take a look-see the other day on the yardsale page and VOILA! Counting bears! Or sorting bears…or bears for “pretend soup” (so we’ve found out) hahaha.  Probably not a biggie to some, but I’ve been wanting these for awhile but just couldn’t bring myself to pay the price for them off of amazon (I am a cheapie by heart, go figure I don’t like rummaging).  I scored a bucket for $3!  “S” has been having a ton of fun with them, just in the first day we’ve had them.  The week before I happened to have spied a pair of tongs on the dollar shelf at our on post store.  Bears+tongs+bowls=3 yr old who is kept VERY busy for hours.  I totally am not exaggerating either. HOURS. 🙂

About an hour later, the bears moved outdoors….

We now interrupt this special-bear-program….for a tractor driving by. ALWAYS exciting 🙂

…and back to work….

…and just photos of my cuties 🙂  How I wish I could have my hair do what “S”‘s does!


“E”…just observing, haha. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Smartie Score :)

  1. Beautiful. What a lovely blog to wake up to this morning. Thank you for sharing bears with those of us who don’t have a good reason to buy cool bears, anymore. sigh.

    Happy child, good folks!

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