From chaos…to….slightly less chaos :)

Wow.  Its been almost 3 months since my 2nd daughter was born.  I knew time was going to fly, as it did with my 1st daughter…but it still surprises me nonetheless!  “E” is holding her head up, just in the past 2 days started flipping onto her back.  Crazy. Its been a whirlwind, having a 2nd child.  Life isn’t revolving around her…she has to be inserted into our busy lives, haha!  She is smiley and happy and just has the sweetest disposition.  I have been blessed a 2nd time with a beautiful and happy child.  Big sister “S” is SUCH a great helper too.  I tell her every day how great she is and how proud I am of her for being such a great big sister and helping out mama so much.

Here are a few recent photos of my darlings 🙂  We were in beautiful Roma a couple of weekends ago and the apt we stayed in had the most beautiful light cascading in through the windows…..!

Now on to the chaos…and how I have just a little weensy bit less of it, haha.

Before? I had one husband, a preschooler and 2 dogs. Plenty of mess, wouldn’t you say?  Gives me my fair share of picking up? Heehee!

Now? One husband,  2 kids, 2 dogs…a garden, a busier role in the moms club I participate in and an administrative position to do with the husbands work.  Crazy? You betcha! Haha!

Throw into all of this a deployment………


So, I started reading.  Reading about organizing.  Adding all of these super awesome helpful blog links into my totally chaotic and messy-full “favorites” on the computer….I was accomplishing NOTHING but looking more, googling more, reading more….still feeling totally chaotic. …

…..then I read a blurb in a magazine about this book: Home Comforts. The Art and Science of Keeping House.  It was heralded as the housekeeping version of the Joy of Cooking.  Everything from cleaning to fixing, stain removal to better fabrics to use for specific uses.

So I bought it.

Now you’re probably thinking when in the WORLD is she finding the time to read this book? Hahaha! I will admit, I am only still on the first chapter…but it has been very insightful! I feel like a dork reading (and enjoying!) a book about housekeeping…but it really is a lost artform.  It doesn’t help that we all have SO many “things” that we really just give ourselves more things to dust, or clean, or organize…blah blah blah….but if you don’t get into some sort of routine, things compile, and chaos ensues.  Or in my case, escalates.  At least I feel that way.  I like everything in its place, things put away so you can’t see them (love baskets!)….it helps me breathe easier.  Having one child, I had to back away from everything being put away all the time.  Now having 2 kids? And being in a home, (over a year now) that still hasn’t been totally “organized” or moved into….things are just not like I’d like them to be.

So I’m taking baby steps. 🙂

The first part of the book is  about creating a routine, and neatening.  Starting SMALL and not over reaching so that you can accomplish your goals (in regards to a routine).  Starting SMALL, using neatening skills to organize and clean better.  Simple time saving things for my routine would be to check and fill the humidifier in the kids room in the morning…so that I’m not going back and forth at night after I’ve already settled them into bed and realizing I haven’t done it.  Seems an easy idea, I had never thought of doin that.  Simple neatening things like making sure I put dirty dishes away out of the sink into the dishwasher immediately after every meal (so the sink stays dish free and uncluttered).  Kitchen always looks pretty!

Baby steps.

So I feel slightly less chaotic.  I’m sure I will encounter MANY days that will totally throw me off my game, chew me up and spit me out…but at least I have the potential to get back to less chaos.  I have the coping skills, hahaha.

Add onto all of what I’ve taken on…I think I’m going to take up another challenge.  Similar to the December/Holiday one.  “S” is going to Asilo 4 mornings a week now…and I feel like we’re getting lazy at home with our learning activities.  Stay tuned to see what I have planned and up my sleeve! 🙂


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