7 on 7 June 2012

I’m going to take you through my garden again.  I am finding the thrill of growing things, sustaining things…so wonderfully enjoyable.  Or intriguing? I’ve been spending my free time peeking and proding through a strange leafy  land, constantly finding new surprises. Reminds me of how my imagination would run wild as a child.  Have you ever stared at a patterned tile and seen a face? Trailed with your eyes a crack in a sidewalk, imagining the tiny world and creatures it led to? Watched smoke tendrils snake through the air, imagining them dancing around like charmed snakes?  This is how my mind worked as a child…and I’m reminded of that everytime I’m down low…weeding, exploring and discovering in the garden.  Clawed feet, eyeball antennae, leathery tongues…..imagination can run wild looking at things from a new perspective.

Take the next step and follow the circle…next photographer’s work to view is Mark’s!

Don’t forget to move on to Mark’s latest installment of 7 on 7 for this month!


9 thoughts on “7 on 7 June 2012

  1. These are really fantastic Julie! Love that you turned it upside down a bit and showing flowers with limited detail and black and white. Very artistic and captivating.

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