Whaa. My biggest little girl is getting big.  Big enough that she needed a bike.  Our little tricycle just wasn’t cutting it….she wanted a big-girls bike.  Specifically one that was pink, and sparkley and shiney….She would look with dreamy-eyes upon the bikes at the PX (local army store) that were housed outside along the entry-way, every time asking me if she could have one.

So, we caved.  We’re letting her grow up.  Whaa.

We were going to save this for her birthday…but that’s in August, and Daddy won’t be here for that.  😦 He’ll be off saving the world again for some months time while we miss him terribly at home.  So….the Easter bunny helped us out and made this very special delivery.  🙂

Lemme tell you too…she is FAST!


2 thoughts on “Big

  1. awww she is so big now!!! What happened to her? I remember when she was 6 weeks in my arms at chuck E Cheese! 😦

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