Snow and Math :)

We’ve been SO excited….waiting and waiting and waiting for snow.  Even the teeniest little hint of it.  Its been SO brisk and chilly, its really not fair to have it this cold and NOT have snow.  Well, the other day we FINALLY had some! It wasn’t much, but we didn’t care! Haha!

Can you see it? 🙂


We’ve had alot of fun lately playing with our new pattern blocks.  I have this gift certificate from the thrift store on post here (don’t get me started on why I have it, grrrr…) and I’ve been going in every few weeks (because there is an expiration date on it…again, don’t get me started grr….) and trying to find things to spend it on.  SCORE the other day! HUGE bin full of pattern blocks/tangram shapes! Its not a set with all the shapes…but we’re enjoying them anyways! I found some patterns online to download for free…and then we’ve also been making some of our own designs.  SO MUCH FUN.  “S” is just taking off with them, asking me for more pictures to do each and every time.  One that I made today is an elementary level design.  She zipped through it in just a couple of minutes.  Smartie-pants. 🙂

Don’t judge me on the messy background, haha.  Sundays are a free-for-all.  While I make pancakes ALL the toys come out.

These first 2 photos, I printed the designs from PreKinders. Great site!

This one we saw from this site.  We adapted for the pieces that we actually have in our bucket-o-shapes.

Now onto making our sensory bin for this month! What to do…oh what to do….. 🙂


Oh! Make sure to check back in the morning….the next installment of 7 on 7 will be up and running! Don’t forget to follow through all of the links for all 7 photographers to enjoy the experience! 🙂


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