A day in the life…

I can’t believe that this month is almost over!  My baby, who I’m repeatedly told to NOT call my baby (I’m a BIG girl, only that mama!) is growing like a weed again, doing lots of things without needing help….we’re in the home stretch before having this next baby (33 weeks pregnant tTHIS week! Ack!)…still trying to figure out/agree on a girls name….Geesh.  In case you didn’t know, our baby’s gender is a surprise! We’ve had the boys name picked out for forever….its tougher with a girls name! Especially since we feel like we picked out the perfect name for a girl already for “S” 🙂  I still can’t believe that “S” is 3.5 years.  Where does the time GO? I’m sure I’ll be saying that over and over again for years to come….


Anyways…a day in the life. Of us. “S” and me at home.  She is only going to Asilo (Italian preschool) 3 mornings a week instead of 5 now.  This is a better fit for us.  We’re both happier.  We LOVE spending 2 mornings a week together, deciding on what fun things we want to do…whether that is getting out and seeing/experiencing something…or having a lazy-daisy day staying in jammies and having fun. 🙂

“S” requested to do some cutting the other day. Interest in cutting has been re-ignited on almost a daily basis for her right now.  This girl can cut like nobody’s business now! Right on the line, no prodding from me (because you know I keep it real, letting her figure these things out on her own timeline). EVERYTHING right now though is in a line….her food on her plate, cutting on a line, lining her dolls/puppets up in a line….its so cute 🙂


We were watching a show, they were eating watermelon.  “S” wanted some…sadly, I’d love some too but its the middle of winter and no-can-do.  So…we made a piece of watermelon! So mad I can’t find the end product to show off! It disappeared…somewhere….? And yes, this was a stay-in-jammies day haha. 🙂


Puppets all lined up….It was really important to her that they were all holding hands.  Love 🙂


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, a day in the life wouldn’t be complete…without dressing up like a princess. Not only dressing up, but acting out a movie.  That’s a biggie here in our house too, acting out an ENTIRE movie, haha.  She is into making it very believable too….she’ll add in the serious face for the right scene.  Can’t crack a smile if the princess in the movie isn’t smiling, haha.



This is the “scene” from Sleeping beauty when Princess Aurora is under Malificent’s spell and is walking in a trance up the stairs to the awaiting spinning wheel…..dun,dun,dun…. 😉


See you soon! 🙂


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