January has been……well, its just been.  Back to regular life.  “S” is back in school a few mornings a week, we’re still getting ready for the baby….but still always having fun 🙂

I was over done with the holiday/winter crafts, so we went a different way.  January’s sensory bin is fun and blue! I went with an ocean theme.  “S” LOVES it!

What we put in it:

colored rice

colored noodles

fish tank “goodies” (seashells, glass stones, glass shells, fish, seaweed)

I purchased some new bins, they fit PERFECTLY into our cabinets that surround our tv  Our landlords had them installed before we moved in, we were very excited with the extra storage space! Italy is not big on closets/cabinets…unless you put them in yourself. And yes, we’ve had to make/purchase storage to act as closets…..

Anyways, we made what “S” likes to call her “erase-y book” bin.  Basically its tracer sheets in clear sleeves put into a binder.  Dry erase markers, eraser…and voila! A writing bin! Like the “activity bags” idea, just using bins instead.  I like bins and stacking.  Much neater for my activity-OCD haha.   She’s been using this “erase-y book” for a couple of months now and her tracing/letters have gotten so much better! This is all her inspiration.  Whenever she feels like doing this activity, she pulls it out.  Totally led by her interest.  I firmly believe that children learn through play…and I like to take her lead on what her interest is, and follow and continue it with activities that can further inspire the interest.  We’ve evolved from letters/numbers/basic shapes…to making her name (good thing to learn to write) and recently “matching” activities.

There are SO many free sheets to find online to use!

If you like matching, this is a link to follow.

If you like letters/number/shapes, this is a link to follow.

If you’d like to make your own words for kids to trace, this is a link  to follow.

There are MILLIONS of free tracing resources available out there.  As “S”‘s interest for tracing grows, we look for more variety of sheets for her to choose from.  🙂

P.S I am SO excited that I finally figured out how to put in links! haha!

And that’s what we’ve been up to! See you soon! 🙂

Oh, here’s one more photo of “S” with the nook…this child is LOVING reading stories on this machine! 🙂  Sitting there, in her crown, she reminded me of the “Where the Wild Things Are”.  One of my all time favorite stories. 🙂


2 thoughts on “January

    • Yes she did!! I forgot to tell you! Its turned into a daddy-S activity. She won’t let me do it with her, lol. Just daddy. I’m okay with that as one of their “special” activities 😉
      And I’m glad I REMEMBERED how to do the link thing! ha!

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