Fun in the dark

First, did you get a chance to view the latest project? We started it today, 7 on 7! Check the 7 on 7 tab above to view the post(s)!

“S” and I lucked out today….we found an item we’ve been searching for that we didn’t think we’d find! It was 10000% random that we happened to see it too.  I saw online a way to make an easy lightbox for playfun.  All I needed to find was a plastic bin, some transparent items…and an LED light. Preferrably battery operated.  Wasn’t quite sure where to find one over here in Italy.  I had enlisted some friends back stateside to keep their eyes peeled for one…and then we found one!  LOTS of fun with this little ditty today! I would like to find more interesting manipulative items for “S” to play with, but for now, we’re okay.  I found some really neat transparent items in the fish section of the store today. 🙂

After awhile of playing with the fish-gem-finds, we went looking around the house for other random transparent items to put on our new lightbox.

Thanks to Happy Hooligans…not only for the idea but the advice on the “where” to pick up/find the LED light! Great page for fun kid ideas. They’re on FB too 🙂


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