Happy 2012!

Hoping everyone had a fun and SAFE New Years Eve!  This year is sure to bring so many more adventures to my family…the biggest one is the new baby coming in…..2.5 months????? Eeeeek!

I’m going to refresh and embark on new photo projects as well.  Some I will post here, another I will post on a separate photo blog.  Less words, more photos 🙂  Any other photo enthusiasts out there?  I would love to be able to link up to other blogs and share your work!

Here are the projects I’m embarking on..or refreshing my outlook on:

366:  One photo, each and every day.  Can be taken with my “good” camera, or my point and shoot…or even film.  I failed this last year.  Moving overseas (and then the following of lots of sickness) totally messed up my game.  Trying again, fresh start!   http://jharrold.wordpress.com/

52 project : A spin off of the 365.  One photo, once a week.  I’m going to put a twist on this one, and make it themed.  Shadows.  Will post on this page. Might do (2) 52 challenges…not sure yet.

Collaboration: This is a project that I have done on and off during the last year with 2 of my friends. We take turns picking a word…that that is our idea for the photo.  Duedate of a week, unique perspectives of the usage of the word that was picked.  I’ve LOVED this project!  Will post on this page, and/or show a link for my FB page.

One other fun project in the works…details to follow 🙂

All that and continuing on with fun educational times with my daughter, enjoying my family, traveling, and growing a baby, haha.

Wish me luck? 🙂

Oh! I almost forgot! I’ve entered a give-away and hopinghopingHOPING I win! 🙂  Here’s the information:

Crave Photography is having a giveaway!

Phenomenal giveaway!

I am drooling over the possibilities of the prizes won!

You can check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CRAVE-PHOTOGRAPHY/132825876747487?ref=ts

You can check them out on their blog: http://cravemyphotography.com/blog/

They are giving away over $3000 worth of prizes! My dreamy win would be the Canon 85mm 1.2….seriously I started DROOLING when I read about that! What a lens….WHAT a lens!!! 🙂

So if you’re a photography enthusiast/lover go and check it out! Crave photography is a gorgeous treat just in itself to view…the prizes to celebrate 25,000 fans is just icing on the cake 😉


3 thoughts on “Happy 2012!

    • I know I’m crazy thinking of doing the 365…..acutally 366 lol! I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to try it again. We need to hop on the “word” for the project!!! 🙂

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