Sugar and spice and everything…..vroom vroom!

So, we have a daughter.  One who love to dance, and sing, and laugh, and play with dolls, and color with pink and purple, and dress up fancy, and use glitter and all things sparkely……I realized that besides her “baby” toys, we really had nothing very…un-girly.  Not that its bad that she has all of these wonderfully girly toys…but I thought she’d have just as much fun playing with other types of toys as well.  I’m not sure if I’m wording this all correctly, what I’m trying to say/what I’m thinking.  We were at a friend’s house, she has a son.  He has TONS of trains, planes and automobiles 🙂  “S” loved playing with them all…and it made me realize that we had NONE!  Well, one set of small tinker cars (4) that I had picked up because she pointed out and had liked the pink one, haha.  I picked up the awesome driving carpet at IKEA and Santa brought the rest 🙂

“S” enjoyed playing with all the vehicles yesterday…of course while wearing her ballerina dress-up 🙂

My pretty ballerina 🙂



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