My other babies

I thought I’d introduce our sweet wee pups.  And by “wee”, I mean big lazy cuddly sucky-babies supreme 🙂

Mila is a just-about-70lb mixed breed.  BIGGEST baby you will ever meet.  We call her our gentle giant.  Wouldn’t hurt a fly…

BIG lazy. Could sleep ALL day.  What a dog…


This is Maggie, our just-under-50lb ish pup. She would hurt a fly, haha.  She hunts them.  She is the type of dog that needs a “job”.  Always watching out for us, always on our heels.  That isn’t a spot on her nose…its paint.  Like I said, always on our heels…and into/watching everything we do.  Including arts and crafts projects 🙂


We adopted both about 4 years ago….couldn’t have made a  better decision.  We are huge fans of shelter adoptions.  There is so much love in this house with these dogs.  They have yet to outgrow their “puppy” energy, haha….but you know what? It suits our family 🙂


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