24 day Holiday Challenge…days (yes, dayS) again 17 through 24!

We did it! I did it! I stuck with something and followed it through.  I haven’t been totally specific on our days while we were traveling, but trust me, we did something fun and holiday oriented every single day.  Even if it was being stuck in the car during our travels…we made sure to draw on the foggy windows 😉

So that I actually finish getting this posted, and catch up to the current date, haha…here is more of a nutshell of what we’ve been up to 🙂



Day 17: day of REST.  We did a repeat on this day.  Is that cheating? We’ve done that a couple of times ,repeating this week.  “S” loves some of the activities so much, she wants to do them over and over.  Today we brought the waterbeads back out.

Instead of just straight-up playing with them, this time we used cups to sort colors…and we found out as the sun was setting and the lights came on that they look really neat with the lights shining through them.  Great opportunity to teach “S” about reflecting and colors! 🙂


Day 18: Made/baked our cookies to be sent out to family and friends and neighbors! You KNOW a cookie batter is going to taste AWESOME when there is THAT much butter in the batch, haha.  See photo 1  in the set 🙂  Photo 3 was our “finished product” for our neighbors.  They have been SO nice and helpful to us while we’ve been living here.  We couldn’t have asked for sweeter/nicer neighbors 🙂


Day 19: Ice cookies so that they CAN be sent out to family and friends, haha!

Day 20: Felt Storyboard.  “S” just adores this…and loves to make super silly stories on it.  This day started with a snowman, and turned into a mama-covered–up-by-snowman-with-trees-on-her-head.  🙂


Day 21: Playdate! We invited a couple of friends over in the morning and painted/collage some wooden ornaments and holiday-stickered foam Christmas trees.  For the life of me, I cannot find my photos of these!  One of our friends brought over a gift for “S”…a lightbright! We waited until that evening to plug it in and play!  We also had some shaving cream fun later that evening…all that paint from the playdate had to come off the table.  What’s a more fun way than cleaning with shaving cream? 🙂


Day 22: Holiday movie day.  We chilled out…mama caught up on some laundry from our vacation…and watched Polar Express 🙂  I also figured out that there are FREE or VERY inexpensive “apps” available for our nook…stories that “S” is LOVING. The “interactive” story books are kind of pricey…but these apps are super cool and so cheap, if not free! I’m all for extra reading! Bonus for “S”, she can touch/drag/swipe/move parts within the stories.  We downloaded some princess stories (her favorites, of course).

Day 23: Snowman! “S” had been asking me for a couple of weeks about making a snowman.  I kept putting it off, trying to think of a neat way to make one.  I opened up our craft cabinet and the idea just jumped out at me! Used lots of random “leftovers” and pieces.  Turned out super cute!

Day 24: Holiday Memory game…and stories!  I made a small set of holiday shapes memory cards while “S” was napping. 🙂  Don’t ask me why, I have no idea why I love cutting things out like this! Its something that I can do while just watching a show/movie….kind of mind numbing…but fun for “S” 🙂  This was a BIG hit!


We also got a hair cut (a REAL non-mama-chopping haircut) this week and saw Santa 🙂  Both outing she was SO excited about!


This Holiday Challenge…was challenging! I loved doing it, I wish I had have had more time to do ALL the activities I looked up…..especially more math/science activities. That is my downfall, I love art.  My daughter loves art.  Even though we didn’t get to do every activity that I looked up…it gives me a nice springboard for other projects, they are easy to adapt.  I’m thinking I should make a project book, keep the basic concept ideas inside of it…use it as a go-to for easy future reference. We won’t be doing this each and everyday, picking a “new” daily activity…but definitely one “new” activity a week! I picked up some math books at the library today, looking forward to looking through them! Science activities I’ll have to look up online…none of the books I looked up  today were in the correct location on the shelves.



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