24 day Holiday Challenge Days (yes, days…) 9 through 16!

Such a fun trip, so many things we did/saw/ate/walked/enjoyed……..

The above photos, I must mention…we were talking about things on our hike, “S” and daddy and I.  Pinecones come in all sizes…we found out after drying them that the “open” up (very neat for “S” to watch!)…paper can come from trees (we took some from a tree that had fallen). Little Miss Smarty pants informed US about chestnuts.  The fuzzy pod thing? That is what chestnuts come in.  She went on a school trip with her asilo and they picked them up “in the forest”.  Learn something new every day! 🙂

This above set of photos? Had to convince my daughter that it was OKAY to play in the mud.  Geeze, who taught her otherwise? hahaha.


Christmas markets!!!!!!!!


One of the places we stayed, our lodging was in a cabin…a very, very rustic cabin about 2km outside of town.  The best thing about this cabin? The light 🙂


Of course, I found a pretty “weed” to take a photo of on one of our walks.  I love weeds.  I think they’re beautiful. 🙂

That was our trip, in a photographic-collage nutshell.  I have SO MANY more photos….too many to go through and edit.  At least for now 🙂  It was a GREAT week off.  We all enjoyed it so much!


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