24 day Holiday Challenge…Day 7.5 and 8

We not only went on a super cool train ride to Verona to see the Christmas markets…we also did activities at home that evening 🙂  Colored a super cute wee wooden xmas tree that came as a surprise from Gmapa, and made a “packing list” for “S”.  She did a GREAT job helping me get ready!

Holiday Challenge day 8!

I’m just going to tack this one onto this post.  This was the day before we left….man oh man was I busy! Packing, picking up, cleaning, sorting through food (that might go bad in the fridge)…collecting all of my camera “stuff” to bring…packing, packing, packing, haha.  I was packing not only for myself, but throwing into the mix my daughter, my husband and 2 dogs.  Never a quick OR easy job.  It was nice afterwards to just relax….and bake some cookies 🙂

This was our first “tester” batch of cookie dough.  “S” and I are in our 2nd year of making and mailing out holiday cookies to family and friends (friends participate in a cookie exchange, yum!).  We loved these, they were tastey…but I did find another recipe that was even BETTER, and the cookies came out even softer.  For those I mailed to who are reading this, you have cookies made from the 2nd recipe 😉


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