24 day Holiday Challenge…Day 7…..

I have A LOT of catching up to do! Thank goodness for the quick click of digital cameras…and the date stamp, haha! We had a busy 2 days before leaving for our trip.  We tried our best to stay on track with our holiday activities.  The best laid plans don’t always follow through, but we did try 🙂  Our entire week was holiday based, since we travelled up to Germany/Austria for the Christmas markets.  More on that later.  This post is for day 7.  I went with a friend to visit the Verona Christmas market before we left for our trip.  Christmas decorations, market items, train ride…what more could a 3 yr old dream of? Well, the train ride was the highlight for her, haha.  The markets are what I’m all for!

These were the cutest Santa’s ever! What an easy craft!….I won’t tell you how much they were selling them for 😉

Shadows….beautiful, gorgeous shadows at 3:30 in the afternoon.  Yes, winter can get slightly depressing when the sun doesn’t last so long during the day…but this makes up for it.  “S” had fun with shadow play on our walk to the castle. 🙂

Funny face for the camera, at LEAST once a day.  Biggest eyes ever, love them!

Quick visit to the castle before heading back to catch the train….

We ended the day simple: new coloring book.  I have no problems with coloring books, sometimes its nice to just “color a pitty piture” like “S” says 🙂  That and eating the head off a gingerbread man, haha. We had a long day, it included no nap.  We just relaxed….until Mama mustered up enough energy to start packing for our trip. “S” loves to find out “what doooes these words say?” in Italian.  She is such a little sponge, she knows so many more words than my husband and myself since moving here!


The rest of the holiday challenge coming up! Whew! Did I mention, that while we were away for a week…we had NO INTERNET.  It was nice to just hang out, and not get distracted by anything and spend 100000% time with the family.  I’m backed up with photos though! haha!  I’ll probably just be posting a collection of photos from our trip.  We had a GREAT time away, we’ve never taken a week off before! We planned the trip so that we could bring our dogs along with us too.  Such a fun time, fantastic trip. 🙂

See you soon!



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