24 day Holiday Challenge (creative art/play) Day 6

The project for day 6 was easy and fun! We had a friend over who helped us with some of it 🙂

Coffee filter snowflakes!

I can’t remember what blog I saw this on…but it was on the same night I was sitting in front of our “arths and kwaps” (that’s what “S” calls it, haha) cabinet, and stumped.  Stumped as to what to do with coffee filters. I have a ton of them, I’ve switched from my usual coffee maker to a new little one that I bought over here in Italy that makes MUCH tastier coffee….but I’m getting off topic 😉


Supplies needed:

coffee filters

watercolor paints (optional)


A perk about this project? Whether the kids are cutting the snowflakes out, or the adult is…you can EASILY cut multiple snowflakes out at a time! Score!

We decided to hang them from the ceiling, along with our sparkly stars (that I made). “S” keeps making a few every day…we will probably end up sticking them in our windows.  That is how I saw the idea originally.


Short post, I’m off to bed! We have yet another early morning tomorrow….LOTS of fun coming up, looking forward to posting LOTS of photos! 🙂



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