24 day Holiday Challenge (creative art/play) Day, day 5

Its been a loooooooooong day today.  We are not early risers, haha.  Anything before 8am is too early.  Today we were up at 6:30 for an appointment, I’m hurting a little bit, I will admit to that.   I’m off the coffee-juice (being pregnant, trying to avoid it) so I’ve felt like a huge slug all day.  We haven’t gotten to baking our cookies yet…but the day isn’t over 😉

Here are some photos from our project for day 5, our little Christmas village.  This project became more elaborate than initially expected.  I found these super cute little printouts from this site: http://www.twelve22.org/2009/11/winter-time_paper_house_freebi.html and the idea just evolved from there! You can download these little houses for FREE, decorated or plain.  I opted for the decorated ones.

Supplies used:

water color paper (or you could use posterboard, I had watercolor paper available at home)

house print-outs

watercolor paints (you can use whatever paints you want, I like how fast watercolors dry!)

foam holiday stickers

cotton balls

“pretend” snow (purchased from http://factorydirectcraft.com/index.php)



“S” painted the little houses, and while she napped, I cut them out and glued them together.  I do recommend scoring the “fold” edges, it makes for easier folding/gluing. We watercolored the background (again, scoring the back to make a foldable background to stand up).  The fun finishing touches were adding on the holiday stickers, the “pretend” snow, the cotton balls and the glitter.  I did guide her a a bit in regards to how she could use the cotton balls.  We’ve never used them for art projects before, hoping this is going to open up her little mind to more uses! 🙂

She was working so hard on “making pretty” the houses, I ducked around the corner to check on dinner and came back to see that she had lined all the front fences of the little houses with trees! I love how cute this turned out! 🙂 I even caught a little glittery pretty bokeh on the teeny Christmas trees 😉

We had a friend over (well, Mama’s have-a-great-chat-over-tea-friend who “S” just so happens to LOOOOOOVE) today and she helped us start our day 6 project.  This one will probably end up continuing over the course of the week, its a decorative project 🙂

We’re getting ready to pack and leave for a week off, starting this upcoming weekend! Determined to keep our creative flowing and not skip a day while getting ready.  I’m trying to plan some new replacement activities for while we’re away too.  I’m sure I’ll have lots of opportunities, we’ll have plenty of snow, hiking and Christmas-market-visiting for inspiration!

I AM going to try to get these cookies rollin’ tonight too…have to make sure the recipe tastes good before we send them out! 🙂

Also…I am still VERY new to this blogging thing. I’m not super savvy on all the things I can do yet.  Sorry about the links, they aren’t highlighted and click-able.  Copy and paste still works though!


3 thoughts on “24 day Holiday Challenge (creative art/play) Day, day 5

    • This is my fav project! And, I don’t have enough lights on our xmas tree…so I have to get my pretty bokeh lights I guess from these little sparkly ones, lol!

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