24 day Holiday Challenge (creative art/play) day 4..plus a little more :)

Day 4….this is good.  I’m doing it! Techincally today’s post should be day 5, but I waited for the morning light to take photos of the final “masterpiece” my daughter made. 🙂  We did a simple winter picture.  These types of projects, I can just kick myself with how EASY they are to do, how FUN they are to do…and that I don’t think of them myself! My problem is that I think TOO far out of the box.  My ideas start simple, then become elaborate.  Really fast.  Its hard to reign myself in sometimes…espeically now that my daughter is getting older and can do more things.

Anyways, I’m getting off track. I do that easily too 🙂

We made a picture that is like a suncatcher…but kinda cooler! Barely any glue involved, that was a nice break.

Supplies needed:

Contact paper

construction paper


glue stick

patience (if your child is young and needs help because they are a beginning cutter)

masking tape (optional)

Voila! The finished masterpiece! Note to self: top sticky piece of contact paper WILL not be straight if 3 yr old helps to put it on .  We had to cut and add a teeny extra piece to cover a spot we “missed”. 😉  Its still one of my favorite things she’s done to date.

“S” is a beginning cutter.  I have to hold the paper for her.  She did a great job though! I even like how I can see her cutting lines 🙂  She immediately wanted to do another picture like this.  The great thing about this project is that you can have your child cut out shapes, you can give them precut shapes….very very adaptable for many ages!  I drew the shapes for her, I made enough shapes that, with a little suggestion, she could decide on what would be going on her picture. She chose a house, a snowman and a christmas tree. Contact paper was the “sticky” for most of it…all the smaller details, we used a glue stick.  You could easily just bring out markers/crayons/colored pencils as well for the details/add-ons. I also used masking tape to tape down the edges of the contact paper so that it would definitely stay in place while she was putting her pieces on.

All of today and this afternoon after naptime, we worked on our day 5 project.  It turned out SO cute! Photos coming tomorrow, this one HAS to be seen in nice lighting. This project kept evolving..and became elaborate considering my starting point.  🙂

Cookie dough made tonight for our gingerbread people….and shapes. More on that tomorrow…..

Tea-date with a good buddy tomorrow….”S” and I are bringing her in on Day 6’s project, hehehehehe.  Stay tuned for more!


4 thoughts on “24 day Holiday Challenge (creative art/play) day 4..plus a little more :)

  1. Love it!!! Wish you were my neighbor still so I could tag along and do the projects with you ladies and my boys. 🙂

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