Lovely Sunday…and 24 day Holiday Challenge (creative art/play) day 3

I love Sundays.  They are our lazy days…waking up later, pancakes for breakfast…and our new tradition of taking the dogs out for a hike. 🙂

I haven’t made pancakes on Sunday for awhile, since I’ve felt so icky with this pregnancy.  This morning I woke up feeling much better, and HUNGRY, haha! Pancakes, scrambled eggs, coffee…all on the agenda.  I made some special pancakes for S…

The “eating” of this poor guy was accompanied by giggles about eating his chocolate eyes and smiley mouth haha.  The marshmallows met their doom in a side of pancake syrup, with S talking in marshmallow voices “Oh noooo!!! Ahhh!!!!! Splash!”. What a funny-bunny 🙂

We then packed up to go on our hike.  We’ve been trying to explore a new area each Sunday (this is only our 2nd Sunday, so we haven’t been out and about that much yet, haha).  It was suggested we go to Lumingnano.  Driving there, we realized it was 5 minutes from where we were LAST Sunday.  The weather was cool, but not too cool and the air was full and thick with beautiful fog.   Mountains with caves up above that we could view, mountain climbers scaling the stone walls…there is even a house built INTO one of the stone walls.  Very high up.  We didn’t have the option to climb up the trails….some of them had closed signs (probably due to the weather and slippery routes) and I am 6 months pregnant and not always so….stable? 😉  We did enjoy the walking that we were able to do.

Here is some of what we saw…

We all returned hungry and well worked out 🙂  I only took the point-and-shoot camera again…I become out of breath so easily on these hikes (which all so happen to be UPHILL) that I can’t fathom lugging around and extra (full of lenses) camera bag with me.

24 day Holiday Challenge (creative art/play) day 3:

Catching up for yesterday, I made a new sensory bin for Sophie.  A holiday sensory bin.  I’ve decided that I’m going to have to wait until the following morning to take/post photos for our challenge is just TOO dark by the time we finish up in the afternoon.

For this sensory bin I used:

White (dried) beans

Colored rice (see recipe tab)

small ornaments to hide


cups and spoons

I love sensory bins…not only because of the LENGTH of time S will play with one, but because of the tactile fun and all of the math building skills that she uses (sorting, measuring, dividing, adding/subtracting, matching….etc).

So, that was our past 2 days.  Tonight, we’re planning on going downtown Vicenza to walk around, enjoy this weather and take in the Holiday decorations/lights.  I’m not sure if the Holiday Market will still be open by the time we arrive…but we’ll have a great time enjoying the lights and the atmosphere 🙂


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