24 day Holiday Challenge (creative art/play)…Day 2!

Today was simple.  We napped (S and I….I was exhausted!).  We enjoyed a super fun morning playdate with friends so we waited for the afternoon to do our activity.  Naptime was later than normal, so it cut into our free time before dinner.

Pinecone Christmas Tree.  Simple, yet fun!



paint (we used acrylic, I’m not afraid of it, haha…it dries faster/shinier?)

sequins/gemstones/silver balls-that-I-cut-up-from-garland

“snow” (this was THE favorite add on for S)

foam sticker stars

playdough (for the base, the pinecone would not stand on its own)

Point and shoot camera used, please excuse the *ahem* not so beautiful photos! I am also not a big fan of our lights in this house (can you say super ugly yellow cast, blah)…and we run out of light FAST now here in Italy now that Winter is approaching.  Its dark by 5pm, therefore the need for the “lovely” flash.

This last one…the “finished” product….not the best photo, haha! However, its all about the process, not the product anyways.  Always, ALWAYS about the fun.  😉


2 thoughts on “24 day Holiday Challenge (creative art/play)…Day 2!

    • Thanks! We’re actually living over in Italy and I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE…so I ordered some. JoAnn’s was having a deal, a big bag for under $5. 🙂

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