24 day Holiday Challenge (Creative fun)

I’ve read many posts online (where I go for idea inspiration) that were referring to doing some sort of challenge for the holidays.  I’ve picked up 2 of them.
1. 24 day holiday activity challenge (for S and myself, I was inspired by the idea found here http://creativewithkids.com/creative-christmas-countdown/)
2.”Picture the Holidays” put on by Paper Coterie (www.papercoterie.com). This is a photo challenge.
For the first challenge idea, I’ve scoured Pinterest, as well as other homeschooling/crafting/momblogs sites for ideas.  Today was day numero uno!  I was proud of myself for not starting with an art project.  That is my usual go-to for activities for S….but I’m trying to expand, trying to incorporate more math/reading activities. Not that art isn’t all encompassing…but I have a habit of relying on paint and glue for alot of our fun (and paint and glue IS a lot of fun!) and wanted to branch out abit more.
Day #1’s activity was a felt storyboard.  I didn’t tell S ahead of time that I was going to make this…I just surprised her with it after naptime.  BOY oh BOY did she LOVE it!!!  I love this project, its open to so many possibilities.  I can also easily add-on to it over the course of time, making new shapes, incorporating evolving interest ideas….its just an all around EASY and great project! S is really into making up stories and songs right now…so this activitiy is perfect for her!
Here is the before/during making.  I used canvas boards, large pieces of felt….and this glue I found.  Glue is HARD to find over here.  I wasn’t looking for the regular ol’ Elmers school glue, I needed something like tacky-glue, without the thickness.  I found this glue in the garden store, it said it was good for “everything”, including leather.  I figured that would do the trick to hold the felt on firm, haha!
S insisted afterwards that “we NEEEEED smiley mouves for the peoples!” I’m going to be working on that, haha.  I just have to find where I put my puffy paints…..
So, that was today’s fun! I’ve made my list (of activities)…I’ve checked it twice (hahaha)…just need a few more things to be prepared for these next 23 days.  I’ve had alot of fun looking up all of these ideas! Looking forward to following through with them!  Stay tuned for more! 🙂
P.S.: The photo challenge photos will be coming soon too…I think I’m going to wait every 6-7 days to post those.

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