Let the crafts begin!…..

Actually, haha, they never stop in this household. I am a former art teacher, crafting/art is what I know! My daughter LOVES to do “arths and kwapths” too so I’m always in heaven 🙂  Even though craft supplies are limited here , we’re making due. It hard to find the quantities of crafting supplies here that you would find in just about any store stateside, but we’re not complaining.  Well, actually, I have one small complaint: MORE companies need to ship to APO addresses WITHOUT charging extra freight costs! Not fair.  I have, however, found a few places that are totally accommodating for us APO-ers and am happy about that! Just the other day we picked up our box of goodies from Factory Direct Crafts (http://factorydirectcraft.com/index.php).  Inside hiding amongst our crafting goodies was a small “Thank you for your family’s service” and an American Flag pin.  How nice is that?   We’ve also ordered from JoAnn’s (http://www.joann.com/joann/home/home.jsp) with no additional charges either.  My only gripe is that, so far, I cannot bring myself to pay the freight charges for items I’m desperately wanting like washable paint and glue (not small sizes, I’m talking I’d love gallon sizes).  We’re making due though 🙂

I’m getting off topic here…so let me return.  I REALLY was trying my best to wait until after Thanksgiving to start the holiday crafts. Seriously, I was! The GORGEOUS Christmas displays over here, that started a couple of weeks ago, got the better of me.  So we’ve started! We’ve made some really really fun projects so far, “S” is just loving them! Most of the projects involve objects-to-decorate that I’ve ordered online (like wooden shapes…they are useful for so many things!).  2 projects in particular, I saw online on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/).  As a side note…if you haven’t been on pinterest yet, its amazing…just be prepared to be sucked into a black hole of creativity. Ha! I love browsing on it.  Decorating ideas, craft ideas, books-to-read ideas, home improvement ideas, cooking ideas…endless looking.

Here are the 2 projects that inspired us on Pinterest…we just embellished upon the ideas:         

We think they turned out pretty beautiful! 🙂

Last night, we worked on ornaments for our tree.  Last year, our tree sadly fell over in the middle of the night and (insert BIIIIIG BLUBBERY SOBBING here) most of my ornaments broke.  I had so many beautiful glass ornaments that my former students had gifted me that did not survive the crash 😦  We’re making new beautiful ones for our tree, and to hang around the house.  Some of the ornaments/decorations will be mama-crafting only (as they will involve sewing) but many of them will be little-hand-created.  They look so cute ❤

Of course, mama is trying to get her craft on as well.  Can I say that Martha Stewart is growing on me???…Especially her wonderful super-fine-extra-glittery-glitter that is available? And it comes in a shaker that is PERFECT for little ones who like to GLOB on the glitter??? Perfect because the shaker holes are SMALL and DON’T glob on the glitter? haha!  Here are my super-extra-glittery stars 🙂

We also worked on a “countdown” chalkboard calendar….*crossing my fingers* I’ll finish it this week? Kind of have to…December is about to start!

Oh, and our advent calendar….I can’t promise to finish it in one day, but I’m giving myself until the 1st to TRY and finish it up!   Wish me luck 😉


6 thoughts on “Let the crafts begin!…..

  1. Love, love, love it Julie! Where did you get the Martha glitter???
    Also, very nice about the thank you note from the crafting company, just warms my heart!

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