Family time

I’d like to start a new tradition for Sundays….Sunday hikes! Exploring the local areas, and being able to bring our pups along is a win-win 🙂  Today, we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and try part of the Colli Berici trail.  Now, I had this plan to just “follow one of the trails”‘ .  All of the photos I saw online looked so scenic and beautiful.  My husband, being the smart-map-looker informed me that area I was looking at was HUGE.  We were all ready to leave the house, but didn’t quite know where to go.  We ended up figuring out that part of one of the “trails” was right near where he works, so we started there. UPHILL for a couple of miles, lol! Now, we have the 2 dogs, a 3 yr old, and myself, 1/2 way through my pregnancy.  I’m no wussy, but lots of things “wind” me lately.  Never fear SUPERDAD/HUSBAND is always here! He had both dogs, our daughter  (over 30lbs) in our boba backpack (most awesome child carrier I’ve purchased to date!) and uphill to contend with.  I was in charge of…..the water in our backpack, and myself. 🙂  We made it a fair chunk up the hill, then backtracked and followed some stairs down into a pretty little town called Costozza.  2 hours, enjoying the gorgeous weather we had today.

The church (or, I should be saying la chiesa) where the steps down into the town began…

….stairs leading down into the town….

The view, 1/2 way down.  Seriously…could the light be any more beautiful?  Any time of the day right now is beautiful for photos.  There is this beautiful fog/mist that lingers all throughout the day that is just to die for.  I knew ahead of time that carrying my camera bag wouldn’t be the easiest task on our hike…good thing I *forgot* (whoops! Darn it!) to bring it. Oh, also SUPERDAD/HUSBAND supreme with dogs and daughter in boba carrier so that I can take care of myself and not trip down the cobble stairs…

Old beautiful buildings galore…and can I say that I LOVE the color saturation on our little point-and-shoot camera? Its pretty awesome!

Our daughter….she HAS to “sing a song” on every church door she can step up into, haha.  Whatta stinker 😉

Beautiful church…

Each little “town” here seems so much the same…yet I never tire of going to visit, walk around, and take photos.  I could do this 1000 times over…and probably will during our tour here 🙂


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