Great things about living in Italy

I know, just being able to SAY that I live in Italy is great in itself…but there are just SO many things to do here! Today the family and I went on a trip to an Olive Farm.  Yep, how fun! I don’t know if I ever really knew how delicious olives were harvested…but I do now.  We visited Bonamini Olive Farm, near Soave.  What a great time was had today! We picked/raked olives fresh from the tree, watched the whole system in action of how they are processed, sampled treats (my favorite part, haha!) of bread with fresh olive oil, olive pate, pesto….I, of course, ended up in the gift shop, buying many goodies! Olive Oil, made at the farm, balsamic vinegar, olive pate, pesto, olive oil hand soap (my hands feel awesome!) and olive oil bar soap.  The owners/staff were so sweet, the tour was so great, the goodies I brought home SO tastey…I’m planning a trip back in the near future for more! Hmm…I’m thinking of shopping for Christmas presents there 🙂







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