Halloween seemed to come and go WAY too fast this year! It was definitely different, celebrating over here in Italy.  Its not a “big” thing, like stateside.  No stores overloaded with halloween decorations and craft activities, no shelves overflowing with candy…the need to order costumes months in advance is necessary…..but we enjoyed it.  Moving over here, we knew things would be different.  This is just one of those things.  We participated in a moms group halloween party, a USO trunk or treat event…”S” was happy to dress up as Sleeping Beauty and do lots of fun halloween activities at home as well! Here are a few photos of what we did.  We weren’t prepared for the italian “trick or treaters”….that started showing up and ringing the gate bell (more of an alarm sound, not so pleasant) until about 9:30pm (bedtime, of course…).  We were told it wasn’t really celebrated over here, although its starting to gain momentum.  We will be prepared with candy for next year! We lucked out, we didn’t have any of the “literal” tricks played on us (firecrackers thrown at the house) due to not handing out candy!  Ha!



craft photos coming…I just need to remember where I put them on the computer, haha…

Hope you all had a great halloween as well!


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