November Rain

So….the rainy season I’ve heard so much about, has started.  Boy has it started!  I don’t mind so much now that I FINALLY have a pair of rainboots! Haha.  They have been very well broken in these past few days.  The temperatures aren’t as chilly, and its beautifully foggy out.  I love it.  Inspiring me to pick my camera back up again.  I’ve seemed to have lost my photography-mojo these past few months…hoping this is the start of re-inspiration!

This month, we decided to spill the beans to the world about….our new little “bean”. We’re expecting! We are over the moon about it, so very very excited.  “S” is going to be such a great big sister, she talks about “her” baby all the time, haha.  We are keeping this one’s sex a secret-surprise until the end, just like we did with “S”.   Part of my previously mentioned mojo-losing was due to me not feeling very well.  I’m one of those “lucky ones” who has horrible nausea during pregnancy.  Not quite over the hump yet…but getting there.  I’m having more good days than bad, knock on wood!  20 weeks down, 20-ish more weeks to go!

We had our 20 weeks ultrasound the other day…because we weren’t finding out the sex, the tech decided to give us a present of LOTS of images to take home.  Score! 🙂


Even though I’m ITCHING to start Christmas/holiday decorating and crafting with “S”….I’m trying my best to not skip over poor Thanksgiving, haha.  We have a 4 day weekend that weekend (we have one 4 day weekend each month, nice to have for traveling while over here!) and we’re trying to decide if we want to use it for traveling…or just having ourselves a Thanksgiving dinner.  We have a couple of other trips in the planning stages for the month of December, so we might take it easy and stay at home for this month.


“S” and I trudged in the rain today to go to the craft store to pick up some supplies.  We’re going to make a topiary for Thanksgiving/Autumn to place on the table.  Looking forward to seeing how it turns out, me and my 3 yr old working on it together 🙂


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