Perfect Sunday morning

I know, I’ve slacked! Since starting this blog we’ve been so so SO very busy! Traveling, italian lessons, appointments, crafting…the list is long.  Ho molte foto (I have many photos…I’m trying to sub in Italian words/phrases I know as I go along!) of our activities as of late….just trying to load them all onto the computer to show. 🙂

Today is easier for me to post, since I’m still in the moment, today is STILL Sunday and its all fresh in my head.  We traveled to downtown Vicenza (close to where we live here in Italy) to the “Festa Del Cioccolato” (Chocolate festival).….the amazing SMELL!!!!!  Tent after tent of chocolate venders….row after row of delicious looking (and smelling) tasty wonders….chocolate bars on a stick, chocolate animals, chocolate pasta…hot chocolate…slabs of what looked like chocolate pizzas…any shape you can think about pretty much in the form of chocolate.  So delicious smelling! We always enjoy wandering around downtown, its so beautiful…but add onto that visiting these chocolate treasuries, perfect Sunday morning! The weather was great to boot.  Lately its become pretty chilly in the mornings, especially if you are stuck walking in shade (lots of that downtown with the beautiful tall and close-set buildings) but today there was a warm breeze blowing.  We stopped for cappuccini (that is the plural form of cappuccino) afterwards (and warm steamed milk for “S” <our daughter>) and enjoyed a nice wander around the duck park.  We also, of course, picked up a balloon…can’t walk past that darn vender downtown, haha.  “S” is a very girly-girl…totally obsessed with anything and everything Princess/Principessa.  She took a little time to “dance” with her Principessa balloon on the sidewalk 🙂


Do we love living in Italy? Yes we do 🙂  Coming up, hopefully SOON will be posts of our latest activities (lots of crafting, ’tis one of our favorite seasons!) and our trips (the latest one being the gorgeous Slovenia!) and the “Sagra della Castagna” (Chestnut festival…and “S”‘s scuola trip that went right along with that!)


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