Fire Station visit

A couple of weeks ago, we FINALLY had the opportunity to participate in a fire station visit! We have moved right before every other time one was coming up in any moms group we’ve been in.  “S” was very excited about it…until “Sparky” came out (the 6ft tall mascot haha).  Up until now, she’s never had a shy bone in her body…that has changed.  It took her a good 30 minutes to warm up to him, but then she wanted to sit on his lap.  I look at her in these photos…and even though she still looks so small (especially in comparison to the huge firetruck, haha!) I see her as so big already! I really don’t how these past 3 years have flown by so insanely FAST.  In a nutshell: big trucks, shiny light, loud horns, special hat, tall fuzzy dog…why would a kid NOT have a great time at a playdate like this?! 🙂



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